organisation meant for performing ceremonies to the departed ancestors was established by Sri Raja Sastrigal in 2010 under the auspices of Sri Jayendra Saraswathy Swamigal of Kanchi Peetam, having been sanctified bySri Krishnapremi Swamigal. Having been built by the ‘ Lokakshema trust’, this is being administered by Sri Ramatheertham Trust. In the year 2012, in order that the performance of the ceremonies for the ancestors be done with great sincerity and perfection in the newly formed Ramatheertham, the ‘ Ramatheertham ceremony performing centre’ was established, the building for that being situated behind the Ramatheertham. This centre is situated in the building in Thiruvalluvar Street in door number 5/3A. The ceremonial rites that one has to perform for one's departed parents for 12 days are referred to in the Sastras as the final, last rites. These final rites enable one's parents to be released from the clutches of the dark, negative astral worlds in which one's departed parents dwell. These final rites release the departed parents from the identification with the gross bodies, making them occupy the subtle other- worldly regions. The various benevolent gifts that one makes in these ceremonies enable the departed souls of the ancestors to have a smooth, painless journey to the other worlds. The non- performance of these rites would result in the future generation being afflicted with sufferings on account of curses that are heaped upon them by the departed ones. The curses thrown by the departed ones for whom these rites are not performed would result in one not realising the fruits of one's labour in the world, death in young age, painful death involving accidents, one not being able to enjoy life despite possession of worldly riches and comforts, one not being able to beget children. These ceremonies involve an astral journey towards the South for a distance of 86000 yojanas. These rites protect the soul in their astral sojourns towards the other worlds from disastrous inclemencies of weather such as severe cold, rain, sweltering heat, the various dark hells, black waters. The gifts made in these rites confer on one the benefits that would accrue to one by performing thousand eclipse ceremonies, countless ceremonies monthly new moon ceremonies. Hundredfold of the charitable gifts made on ordinary ceremonies, done in ceremonies for one's parents, confer on one thousandfold benefits.

1. The building for the centre is situated in the main road itself. 

2. Provision of well purified hot water for taking bath by the participants.

3. Well ventilated and well lit rooms for good air to breath, with a bright sunshine. 

4. Provision of exhaust fans for the smoke created in the performance of ceremonies to have an easy exit.

5.Clean rooms, with floors having been provided with modern tiles.

6. Very good platform with granite slabs for the purposes of cooking.

7. Purified RO drinking water. 

8. Concealed gas pipeline. 

9. Permission for the participants themselves to cook the food, with proper facilities therefor. 

10. Availability of assistants for purposes of orthodox method of cooking the special food to be offered to the ancestors. 

11. Access to direct water from the well for purposes of the above mentioned cooking of orthodox food.

12. Accessories for cooking such as copper vessels and other requirements. 

13. Access to direct water for the orthodox and specialised type of cooking aforementioned. 

14. An ambience well conducive to the health of the body and the health of the mind. 

15. Facility for the simultaneous performance of 18 different ceremonies. 

16. Facility for the provision of consecrated food for the relatives on the tenth day ceremony.

17. Availability of free lockers to ensure the safety of valuables carried.

18. Facility of dining hall provided with dining tables. 

19. Reasonable and justified minimum charges for the performance of the rites.